The ultimate guide to the best cabin luggage packing – 7 tips

You are ready for your next trip but the only bag you can bring with you is a tiny cabin bag?

No panic! Here you have the top 7 tips which will save you when having to store in a few pounds (and inches!) all the necessary stuff.
I usually choose this kind of luggage to bring with me on board:


Bringing with you huge bottles of lotion, shampoo and shower gel not only is forbidden by any airline, but also is rather pointless! Indeed, you would use only a small amount of them. So, equip yourself with a travel kit or with minisize products.

Nowadays, you can find travel kits almost everywhere, also in great distribution chains. At a very good price you’ll have a kit of bottles and jars (with a capacity under 100 ml) that you can fill in with your favourite beauty products. The kit will be pretty useful for the flight and for weekends and nights out as well!

Minisize products are even more practical! First of all, they’re easy to find: deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and face cream are just some examples. Then, they will also keep you off the hassle of transferring the products into the bottles. You can find them in almost every drugstore or shop selling beauty products, although I would say that the product range of Boots (UK) is the best one! When I see interesting minisize products I usually buy a couple of them as a spare. Have a look also at the duty free in the airport 😉


According to many YouTube videos, it seems almost scientifically proved that rolling up clothes allows you to save not only space but also wrinkles. My tip is to make a distinction: roll up tops and pants and arrange dresses on the top layer, in order to limit the wrinkles on them. A kit like this one may be useful to keep the content of your luggage tidy:


If you’re not planning to wear flip-flops for your whole trip, you’ll surely have to bring with you more than a few pairs of socks, which take up quite a lot of space! A great tip is to store them inside your shoes. First of all, you’ll make the most from an amount of space that, otherwise, would be useless. Furthermore, you will also limit those little damages on your shoes, which may be caused by weights and crushings.


Let’s face it! Having to open and empty part of your bag in front of all the people at the check-in desk, or worse, having to pay a premium because the bag is too heavy is absolutely one of the worst ways to start your trip! Not to mention that in that moment all the other passengers will immediately be very interested in the content of your bag and… Of course, the first to jump out of your bag will be briefs and bras. 🙂
In travel accessories stores or in internet you can find lots of portable bag scales that will save your life.


This is a common habit we have with checked luggage, but not with cabin luggage. There are various scenarios (unlikely, but possible!) that could make you regret not having applied a simple tag with your name and address. Nowadays, low-cost airlines tend to put cabin luggage in the aircraft hold if the overhead compartments get full. Well, at this point you will have to take the risk of losing your bag and you will realize that a tag could have saved your bag.
It might then happen that, unintentionally, the owner of a bag which is similar to yours seizes your bag and leaves the airport.
So, let’s say it: putting a tag on your bag is an easy-to-follow tip which will make you avoid unpleasant and unforeseeable events!


We often don’t have enough time (and strength of will) to undo our bags once we’ve arrived. Or maybe, as we are staying out just for a couple of nights, we prefer not to empty the bags and use the wardrobe. The best thing you can do is putting on the top the clothes and the accessories you know you will use first. Have you planned to go to the beach immediately after your arrival? Put bikini and beach towel on the top. Do the forecasts say it will rain? The last things you’ll store will be the umbrella and the raincoat. This will make you avoid messing up in a few seconds the great work you did before your departure!


Backpacker travelers excluded, the most popular choice is to bring a daily look and an evening look for each day. In this way, however, you’ll end up bringing with you your whole closet! Therefore, I usually bring with me some multi-purpose clothes that I wear for the first time in the evening and then the day after (this is the order I follow, as in the evening we usually wear clothes just for a couple of hours, so they don’t get that dirty). A pretty tank top can be perfectly matched with a skirt in the evening, and with a pair of jeans during the day. The secret? Focus on accessories: a sophisticated necklace or a nice clutch can make glamour even a simple outfit.

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