Lake Bled: what to see, where to sleep, how to get there

Lake Bled is one of the most famous destinations in Slovenia. Together with Ljubljana, which you can read about in this post One day in Ljubljana: top 10 things to see, it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend and also practice some sport and have fun. It was summer when I visited it, which of course is the time of the year that offers the most, but the fairy-tale (possibly snowy) winter scenario must be also worth seeing.

How to get to Lake Bled

  • Getting to Bled from Italy: if you fly to Italy and then rent a car, once you cross the national border you have to stay on the motorway direction Ljubljana and then take the exit to Bled or the motorway crossing Blejske Dobrave čez Kočno. A third option is the motorway crossing Žirovnaica and Lesce until Bled.
  • Getting to Bled from Ljubljana : Bled is ca. 50 km far from Ljubljana and it’s super easy to reach. Given the fact that you will have already bought the vignette, I suggest you the motorway, which is anyway the fastest way.


I’m going to write a post specifically about my experience at Glamping Bizjak, but at the moment I can already tell you that the “glamping” formula has not only become fashionable in these last few years, but is also very popular in Slovenia! Beside the accommodation that I chose, I also recommend you this one Garden Village Bled e il Glamping Ribno. Also Airbnb provides you with this kind of accommodation. To give an example, check out the beautiful House Gabrjiel. Talking about Airbnb, don’t forget that subscribing at clicking here you will immediately receive a 35 €/35 $ discount!

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Where to park your car at Lake Bled

I thought it was worth giving you guys some information about parking slots at Lake Bled, because finding free ones is not that easy. The parking close to the lake allow you to leave your car only for 2 hours. Therefore, if you come from Ljubljana I suggest you to park behind the Sports Hall (you can find on maps) where you can leave your car for a maximum of four hours at 2 €/h. There should also be a parking out of Camping Bled, but as it’s on the other side of the lake I didn’t have the chance to check it. If you are staying in one of the accommodation close to the lake, make sure they’ll reserve you a slot in their private parking.

What to do at Lake Bled

  • Rent a boat and row until the island
    I would say this is the must-do of Lake Bled. There’s also an easier option that consists in jumping on a pletna and let the sailor bring you to the island. But nothing compares with the satisfaction of getting there with your own… Arms! And even though renting a boat is pretty expensive (20€ the first hour and 10€ the following ones), it’s however worth the money. The view from the top of the island, where the church is located, is simply amazing. Those were the prices for a four-people boat, but if you are a bigger group you can also rent bigger ones splitting the price with your friends.
  • Rent a bike and cycle around the lake.
    Perfect to admire the lake from different angles, renting a bike is another activity I highly recommend. There are different price ranges: the closest to the lake the highest the price!
  • Visit the castle.
    It would have been nice to enjoy the view over the lake from the castle, but I read that it’s actually not worth the 10 € ticket. I anyway suggest you to keep it as a valid activity for the winter season.

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What to eat at Lake Bled

After rowing and cycling you definitely deserve a nice treat! On the top of my list there’s the Kremna Rezina. Ideal for a sweet break, it’s a double layer cake filled with cream and whipped cream. A must-have of any restaurant and café. There’s also the chocolate version, but I wanted to try the traditional one. Delicious!

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Have you ever been to Lake Bled? If yes, what did you do there?

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