Saving money on trips with BuyOn and the Cashback system

Dear travellers,

we had talked about how to save money on trips in this post How to plan the perfect trip and save money. Today, I want to tell you about a very interesting website, I’ve recently registered on and that allows you to save on trips right away: BuyOn (click here to register).


BuyOn is a platform which, thanks to its affiliate programme that includes over 300 websites, makes you get a cashback of a variable percentage on the purchases you make on its partners’ websites. I want you to know about it because many of the affiliated sites belong to our favourite sector: trips!

Coming back to the concept of cashback, it sounds complicated, but, actually, it’s not.

What does Cashback mean?

Literally it means “money back”. For every purchase make on one of BuyOn’s partner websites, a percentage will be re-credited to you, so that, eventually, you will have saved money. For example, if you book a 1000 euro trip and the cashback is 4%, you will have 40 euros back. Not bad, right?

In short, it is in every way a discount. The only difference is that you will receive your money (by bank transfer) once your cashback adds up to 50 euros. Consider that when you register 10 euros will be given to you as a gift!


Click here to register to BuyOn.


It’s really easy! In order to get the cashback after your purchase, you simply have to access to the website via BuyOn, clicking on the partner you are interested in.


I analyzed its partners of the Trips category and here you find the most convenient ones:

  • EXPEDIA: 8%
  • BOOKING: 3%
  • AGODA: 3%
  • VOLOTEA: 1,5%
  • EASYJET: 1,25%
  • QATAR: 1%
  • ETHIAD: 1%

Of course the percentages are not that high, but considering the inexistent effort to get a discount, why not doing it? 🙂 Not to mention that there are many partners for each category of products, including books, technology, beauty and many others.

Then, I want to point out that you can make the task even easier by installing BuyOn’s addon on Chrome, that will warn you with a small popup every time you are entering a website affiliated to BuyOn, so that it remembers you that you can save money.

So… We’ll still have to pay for our trips, but every little bit helps! 🙂

Did you know BuyOn? Are you registered on other cashback platforms? Leave a comment to share your experience!

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