The reasons why you should do a safari | My experience in Kenya

Last winter I had the chance to make one of the best experiences ever: a safari in Africa!
In this post I’ll tell you why everybody should make, at least once in a life, this unforgettable and unique experience.

I spent two days in Tsavo East National Park, which is the easiest reserve to reach from the most famous places on the coast, such as Malindi or Watamu, as in my case.
But before I make you want to plan a safari in Kenya, I’ll give you some useful information.

How do I get to the reserve? Safaris are always organized tours. On the coast everybody will recommend them to you. But be careful when choosing your guide: go for little local agencies that run tours and avoid the beach boys (possible topic of my next post!).

How much does it cost? Between € 200 and 250.

Where will I sleep? You can choose between a lodge and a camp. I strongly suggest the second one! If you would love to sleep in a tent equipped with a private swimming pool, go on reading this post… 😉

How will we move? By jeep or by minivan, with other 6 passengers and the driver. You must choose the jeep!


Here you have the reasons why you should do a safari:

#1 The privilege of admiring animals you’ve never seen before in their natural habitat

Even though you’ve been to all the zoos in the world and you’ve watched every documentary on Nat Geo Wild, nothing compares to look at an elephant family drinking at a puddle or at lionesses about to attack a herd of gazelles right in front of you! Each scenario will deliver big thrills, which will make your safari simply magic and unforgettable.


#2 The thrill of spending a night plunged into darkness and into nature sounds

To tell you the truth, the non-stop sound of bugs landing on the top of your tent is not comfortable at all. However, when I was told about the “tent” I would never had imagined what I saw at the Manyatta Camp: a real apartment, of about 60 sqm, well-equipped, with an outdoor patio with kitchen and even a private swimming pool! Yes, you got it right! 🙂
In the night you will be plunged into the absolute darkness and into the wildest nature; while in the morning you may be woken up by the trumpeting of an elephant… this is the experience of a lifetime!



#3 The beauty of a sunset in the savannah

You will think to be on a movie set when, from your jeep, you will see the savannah turning red under the sunset lights. The earth will get burning red and the blue sky will mix with the hot sunset colors in beautiful contrasts.


#4 The thrill of spending two days on a jeep running after the fastest animals on the earth

The classic safari, the one you do by off-road vehicle or by minivan, is called game drive. Our driver did his best to catch up with all the animals (for the joy of his passengers). But while elephants and giraffes don’t care of people and keep quiet; others, such as lions, leopards and cheetahs, are really hard to see! There are no words to describe what I felt when we managed to see a lion and, the following day, a cheetah just a few meters distance from us.
During your safari you will soon understand that sighting these animals is the main aim of every day!


#5 The memory of the red earth

Your clothes will never get clean again, be aware of it! The red earth won’t leave them even after several washings. And the thrills you felt on your safari will do the same. When you’ll be back home, surrounded by streets, cars and technology, the memories of your safari will always be there and they won’t leave you, even after months.


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Sono Martina, abito a Padova e nella vita, oltre ad essere un’instancabile viaggiatrice, sono una Web Developer a tempo pieno. Amo la fotografia. Spero di riuscire ad ispirare chi, come me, è animato da una grande passione per la scoperta di posti nuovi.


  1. Che viaggio meraviglioso! Hai ragione credo che poter vedere gli animali nel loro habitat naturale sia qualcosa di indimenticabile. Inoltre credo sia un modo per incentivare la creazione di più aree protette. Questi luoghi e questi animali sono un patrimonio preziosissimo per l’umanità’… ce ne dovremmo prendere più cura. Bellissime foto!

    • Grazie Simona! E’ stata una bellissima esperienza che, come scrivo, consiglio davvero a tutti di fare almeno una volta, perchè è unica! 🙂
      Detesto vedere animali in cattività e in questo caso li ho avvistati nel loro habitat naturale. Speriamo che le aree protette crescano e che la loro vera natura non vnega snaturata da una richiesta turistica sempre maggiore.

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