Are you a travel-lover? Then don’t miss the Australian travel journals by Axel & Ash!

As you know, I really cannot get rid of my wanderlust syndrome and, even when I’m at the pc, I’m always looking for new travel-themed objects and accessories. I love using them on my trips, giving them as a gift or simply keeping them on my shelves just for myself!

Today I’ll tell you something about Axel & Ash, an Australian brand whose incredible story caught my attention. Axel & Ash are two girls who in 2012 decided to begin their ambitious business adventure. So, taking inspiration from their common passion for trips, they launched their brand dedicated to journaling. The idea is to provide travel enthusiasts with effective tools to track their adventures and trips. The result are real travel journals decorated with photos, writings and quotations that, above all, invite people to write down on paper the most unforgettable moments of their trips around the world.

Books and travel journals by Axel & Ash are also highly appreciated for their design and boast a worldwide net of well-known book shops and concept stores where they can be bought. They’ve sent me the “Wanderlust” and “Road Trip” books that you can see in the pictures below. Touching them you can feel from every detail all the precision and love they’ve put in to make them. When I see my travel journals on my bookshelf I already feel my hands holding the luggage, ready to start my next trip!

I’m looking forward to filling them in with new stories, memories and experiences.

You can buy Axel & Ash travel journals on their online shop or on Amazon:

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