Your best trips on Bombus’ maps: customizable home decor & gift ideas

Dear Travelers,

You know when you come back home after an unforgettable trip and you feel like you need to fix the memory? Well I know how to do it!
After the travel journals by Axel & Ash there’s another discovery I can’t help but sharing with you. It’s about Bombus: 100% handmade objects that you can customize with the map of the city or of the part of the world that you like the most.
The range of products it’s pretty wide. Among their bestsellers you can find their lovely framed maps, but also bookends, notebooks, birthday cards and much more. They all have a basic style, but, once they’ve been customized, they are simply unique. Touching them you can feel all the accuracy and precision that has been dedicated to them.

Of course Bombus caught my attention because its creations are perfect as a gift/home decoration after a trip, but you can actually choose any city or part of the world you feel a connection with, no matter if it wasn’t your latest travel destination.
Below you can see the picture of my Thailand map.

Where can i buy Bombus’ creations?

In their online shop!
And it’s with great pleasure that this time too, my dear travelers & readers, I can share with you a discount code of a -25% off to be used until 30th September 2017. Use the code asfarasyoucan25 to receive an immediate discount on your purchase. Shipping is for free and it’s fast, with no risk of paying customs duties in Europe. You’ll see that even the packaging is a concentrate of lovely accuracy and precision. You really should give them a go!

When it comes to traveler-tailored brands like these, my motto is always make (yourself) a gift!

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